Latest news 31st August

Hi everyone, 

Today(Tomorrow morning 6:00 1st Sep in Japan) UNKNOWN season Radio Show feat. Kouchi Hirose on West Radio(Greece).

Last Friday of every month:
Athens | 00:00~1:00
London | 21:00~22:00
Tokyo | 6:00~7:00

Don't miss it:))




New DESTINATION MAGAZINE delivery start!

Please check out Yoshi HOorino exclusive interview & DJ chart for DESTINATION MAGAZINE.
BIG THANKS to Okada-san:))

And congratulations on the 6th anniversary DESTINATION MAGAZINE!


Latest news 22nd August

Hi everyone,

Did you check SMASH HIT NO. #1 on All Topseller for one week  in early August at Whatpeopleplay "Distance" by Datakestra already??

Please check out it and this one!!

Datakestra "Distance" Kouichi Hirose Remix is out at Whatpeopleplay EXCLUSIVE!!
Kouichi Hirose did remix from balearic tech solow'mo disco house of original mix to funky & deep massive bass techno. It's amazing remix!! Hope you enjoy it:))
Feedbacks from Worldwide DJs:
Brothers Vibe
Nice one - Thanks!
Rennie Foster
Very nice heavy techno track with warmth and a good simple melody in the middle.. i like the housey skip in the hats as well...
Lucas Hunter
I really like the beat, the loose snares at the end are great!
Alex From Tokyo(Tokyo Black Star)
Nice funky and groovy summery techy track, I like it and I will play it
Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen
gewöhnungsbedürftig.... drum gewöhn ich mich jetzt dran!
Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
dancefloor destroyer!
Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM - Sweden]
Good track, thanks ;)
Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
playlist in altroverso radio
Magazine - Tsugi Mag
cool track
Magazine - Posivision mag
Best for peak time set!!
Magazine - DE:BUG
considering for review
This Saturday 25 Aug is "The Saturday" at Zu Bar!!


See you at Zu Bar!!!
And now on sale.....
DESTINATION MAGAZINE meets UNKNONW season "A Day Of Rain -UNKNOWN perspective-" (USCD-1001)
"UNKNOWN season × DESTINATION MAGAZINE × ene × is-ness × IPPI" T-shirt is out!!
Last one....
Yoshi Horino(UNKNOWN seaon) & Yasumasa Okada(DESTINATION MAGAZINE) interview on TYO magazine web(only Japanese)
New compi Beatport EXCLUSIVE now on sale!
including: Ryoma Takemasa "Just House Track" & Beatblocks "Star Finder". 
1-1             Satoshi Fumi - Asiantam (Iori Wakasa Remix)
1-2             Ryoma Takemasa - Just a House Track
1-3             Yoshitaca - Interminable
1-4             Abi Bah - Flanking Path
1-5             Nobuyuki Tokunaga - Serious Deal
1-6             Hiroyuki Arakawa - Ray (Shin Nishimura Mix)
1-7             Hironori Takahashi - Circules
1-8             Peter Clamat - Tsuyoshi
1-9             Takaaki Tsuchiya - Jicoo
1-10            Shin Nishimura - Knightsbridge (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
1-11            Code Breaker - Cloud 9
1-12            Humandrone - Acid in This Town
1-13            Kenttzo - You Love
1-14            Beatblocks - Star Finder
1-15            Ramon Esteve - Tokyo 1979
1-16            Hiroyuki Arakawa - Blue Delta
1-17            Maguta - We Like to Smoke and Techno
1-18            M.Fukuda - Ripple Cutter
1-19            Arto Kumanto - Reality Testing (The French Connection Remix)
1-20            Fumihiro Hoshi - Sail
1-21            Akiko Kiyama - The Sunset
1-22            Osamu M & Satoshi Fumi - Liberation (Techriders Remix)
1-23            DJ Shu-ma & Oliver Schmitz - Revival
1-24            Lil Mark - Tokyo
Thanks for your support:D


Latest news 15th August

Hi everyone,

You also can buy "A Day Of Rain" at Tower Records Shibuya!!

Thanks to Nomura-san(Shinjyuku branch), Gunji-san(Shibuya branch 4F), Shimizu-san(Shibuya branch 2F) & Shimizu-san(Shibuya 1F) for your BIG support!!

Everyone must buy it!! hahaha:D


Alex From Tokyo loves double spiral structure "Hosomichi" !

Thanks to ALEX for your BIG BIG BIG support:D
Alex From Tokyo DJ chart for RA August

Alex From Tokyo summer in Japan chart for Beatport

UNKNOWN season summer chillout 2012

We'll be out Datakestra "Distance Remix Pt.1" in 21 August to 21 & "Distance Remix Pt.2" 21 September at Whatpeopleplay exclusive!!


Remixed by Kouichi Hirose.

The orginal....


No.1 All Topeseller and House Topseller of Whatpeopleplay in earlry August!!

Now It's still staying in the top 5 of the chart:D

Thanks all for BIG support!!!!!!



Latest news 3rd August

Hi everyone,


Datakestra "Distance" is no.1 on All Topseller & House Topseller of Whatpeopleplay for about 3days!!!


3rd  Augaust Top100 of WPP

1st August Top100 of WPP

end of July Top100 of WPP

DESTINATION MAGAZINE meets UNKNOWN season "A Day Of Rain - UNKNOWN perspective -" on sale in Japan now:D

Check it out!!