Latest news 26th May

Hi everyone,

Our latest release V.A. "SEASON#2"(USDC-0005) on whatpeopleplay.

DJ ENDO of CONVERGE+ and Ryoma Takemasa are update new dj chart of May on whatpeopleplay.

Please check them out!!!

And also listening to DJ ENDO(CONVERGE+) exclussive dj mix!!

Check this out:-)


Latest news 21st May

Hi evreryone,

Today new release V.A. "SEASON#2"(USDC-0005) on whatpeopleplay exclussive!!

Including new exclussive tracks: CONVERGE+ "Oblaat", Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)" and kokoz "Poco Muted(Original)"

CONVERGE+(DJ ENDO and Takashi Sasaki)

Ryoma Takemasa


Here is DJs feedback.
I like kokoz “Poco Muted”. Feeling like a jazzy and electronica.
Jun Kitamura (Capricious Records)

Converge+ “Oblaat” nice!!
Converge+ “Oblaat” is a fantastic track. My favorite from all the ones you sent.
Also the Ryoma Takemasa toon got a brilliant groove. Very modern style.
Werner Nidermeier(Sweat Lodge)

On a dark dancefloor, Stand with your eyes closed. Follow the particle of this sound, and you will see the new light.You can't miss the fact that shining sound has been generated out of the dancefloor in Tokyo, in 2011.
 UNKNOWN season, the trusted music that was created by the brand-new label.

Also we'll be out kokoz "Poco Muted(YOSA Remix)" in 21st June and Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(Remixes)" in July to August!

Don't miss it:-)

>>>>>Meet up UNKNOWN season fun page on Facebook.

See you soon.