Latest news 25th May

Hi everyone,

Did you listen to our latest release Cherry "Fragile(The Saturday Dawn Edit)" ?


You can do it at WhatpepleplayLabel web-siteSoundcloud or Myspace!!

And you can buy it at Whatpeopleplay EXCLUSIVE!!

Thank you:)

Just arrived latest DJ chart Dazzle Drums and Yoshi Horino.

Please check them out!!

Dazzle Drums latest DJ Chart for Wasabeat May 2012

Yoshi Horino latest DJ chart for Whatpeopleplay May 2012

Today 25 Fri May in EU(26 Sat Morning in Japan) "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" feat. Yoshi Horino(owner of UNKNOWN season) on West Radio(Greece) www.westradio.gr !!

Westradio.gr proudly presents UNKNOWN season radio show for this month special guest Yoshi Horino. Friday May 25.2012 tune in www.westradio.gr

22:00 London / 00:00 Athens / 06:00 Tokyo(Saturday morning)

Don't miss it:))


26 Sat Tomorrow in Tokyo....

Our party at Zu Bar(頭バー), Ebisu Tokyo.

10:00PM to 5:00AM....music: Yoshi Horino & Ryoma Takemasa

.......no charge......very free!!


see you soon at Zu Bar !!!!!



Latest news 23rd May

Hi everyone,

We are out laid back and relaxin chillout tune 21 May at Whatpeoplaplay EXCLUSIVE!!

Please check it out:))

Cherry "Fragile(The Saturday Dawn Edit)" USDC-0017

Cherry of Four:Twenty(UK) label's artist made chill out tune for after dancing.

Yoshi Horino(owner of UNKNOWN season) has every 4th Saturday dance party called "The Saturday" at Zu Bar in Tokyo.

He did edit for the party of dawn time.

Hope you enjoy it:-)

Music: Yoshi Horino & Ryoma Takemasa
No Charge!!

He started music production under the influence of Rock,Electro,Jazz, Ambien music in 2007.

His debut tracks“The Alex EP was release by FOUR:TWENTY(UK) in 2009. It is entered the chart in Beatport “Tech House” TOP 10.

And his 2nd single “The World Waite EP” including NICK CURLY(8bit/Cecil Records) and ADA(Areal Records/Kompakt) remix was released by FOUR:TWENTY in 2010.

His originality tracks is supported by NICK WARREN, MATTHIAS, VOGT PATRICE BAUMEL, MICHEL DE HEY, TIMO MAAS, GLIMPSE and many djs of the world.
Cherry “Alex (Nick Curly and Ruthit Remixes)” Four:Twenty Recordings (UK) 2009
Cherry “The World Waits EP (including ADA Remix)” Four:Twenty Recordings (UK)2010
Shin Nishimura “Watching Stupid Man EP(including Cherry Remix)” Plus Records(JPN)2010
Cherry “The Lost Days EP(Original & Patrick Zigon Remix)” Troplott Music 2011

Westradio.gr proudly presents UNKNOWN season radio show;for this month special guest Yoshi Horino, Friday May 25.2012 tune in www.westradio.gr , 22:00 London 00:00 Athens 06:00 Tokyo(Saturday morning) ! ! !

Yoshi Horino's bio:
Japanese DJ / Producer / UNKNOWN season label owner.
I used to work at a record shop a buying and selling vinyl for about 4 years
and after A&R and promotor in a independent label for about 8 years.
I'm working as a freelance promoter and licensing coordinator for about 6 years.
Also I’m kickin’ own label UNKNOWN season since winter of 2010.
I started DJing in 1990. A genre and the style of the music do not matter for enjoying a party and me. If I can feel emotional in the music, I'll spin Trance,Rock,Jazz,House,Reggae music...every good one. And I hope to share the feeling, vibe, emotion, enjoying and spirit. That’s my style.
I spinning in Tokyo,outside and sometimes going to overseas.
Don't miss it!! 

Check this out:)
Yoshi Horino latest DJ chart May 2012 on RA!!


Latest news 17th May

Hi everyone,

New two compilations are out at Beatport.....

including our stuff.

Please check them out:)

V.A "Deep Down in Toyko 4 - Independent Japanese Electronic Music Sampler"

Compilation details:

Cat#: tretcomp104

Label: Tretmuehle

Release: 16.05.2012


1-1             Dave Angel & Ken Ishii - Type E (Temma-Teje Remix)

1-2             Takaaki Tsuchiya - Step By Step

1-3             Shin Nishimura - Knightsbridge (Lyoma Remix)

1-4             Ryoma Takemasa - Deepn' (Gonno Remix)

1-5             Abi Bah - Bald Echo

1-6             Keisuke Kondo - Diptyque

1-7             Takahiro Oisi - Swave

1-8             Hiroshi Watanabe & Popnoname - Cherry Breaks (DJ Sodeyama Remix)

1-9             Sistematic - Geisha

1-10            Nobuyuki Tokunaga - In the Middle (Abi Bah Remix)

1-11            Beatblocks - Pingpong

1-12            DJ Yellow - No More Enemies

1-13            Sasaki Hiroaki - Visoned Dance

1-14            Shinigami San - Minim 5

1-15            Ken Hayakawa - Can You Feel

1-16            Converge+ - Oblaat

1-17            Satoshi Fumi - Future Rise

1-18            Pop-3 - Chicks and Cuts (Minime Et Floue & Akiko Kiyama Remix)

1-19            The Sushi Club - Dopia (Christian Burkhardt Remix)

1-20            Honda Takahiro - DDD

1-21            Naoki Kenji - Ki Ite Mite

1-22            Muraki Yusujke - Dorado

1-23            Serafim Tsotsonis - Mr. Wad (Satoshi Fumi Remix)

1-24            Takayuki Higo - Wise & Beautiful (Mididropmusic Remix)

1-25            Giuseppe Cennamo - Japanese Flamenco

V.A. "Ganesha Yoga - Lesson Two"

Compilation details:

Cat#: jcomp057

Label: Jubilee Records

Release: 04.05.2012


1-1             Ma Faiza - Genesis for Nina

1-2             Raumzeit - Interventilation

1-3             Mandala Yantra - And the Sun Is Up

1-4             Yoga-Chakra - Sagrama

1-5             Isotroph - After the Moon

1-6             The Sushi Club - Iwashi

1-7             Lemongrass - Hunwari

1-8             OM Yoga Meditation - Orissa

1-9             Marco Iletschko - Rotation (Drehung)

1-10            Cosmic Dark - Benath the Bleeding

1-11            Marat Taturas - Outro

1-12            Chimay - Fun in the Sun

1-13            Ambitus - 100 Teardrops

1-14            Marco Allevi - In Front of the Sea

1-15            Yoga Yama - Ahimsa

1-16            Softcore - Symmetry

1-17            Kokoz - Ohm


Latest news 7th May

Hi everyone,

Ryoma Takemasa's latest DJ chart is up!!

Please check them out:)

April 2012 for Technique
Ryoma Takemasa DJ chart for Technique April 2012

May 2012 for Wasabeat
Ryoma Takemasa DJ chart for Wasabeat May 2012


And also latest release out now....exclusive at Whatpeopleplay

Beatblocks "Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)"


Dirt Crew
this is fantastic!

Been playing the original of this a lot and loving it. the remix does a nice job bringing a slightly more energetic vibe whilst keeping the soul of the track in place. will be trying it out for sure. nice one.

Lars Behrenroth
it rolls the way I'm used to it from Dazzle Drums tunes! A lot of life in this one
Luke Solomon
really great record

will download.
thank you for good music!

i will try it out !

Werner Niedermeier
Very nice addition to the original. Interesting build up.

Anthony Nicholson
hot track....

DjL (Vialocal Recording)
Nice RMX!!!

Master Kev
Nice remix!!!

Magazine - Posivision mag
Sounds cool!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
coool track

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
playlist and support in altroverso radio

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
love the energy on this track!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)
interesting ep..!!

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)
great track...

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
NIce track...

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)
Full support from Paris-One Deeper

Radio - pulseradio.net // Australia
Very Nice!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Nice Hypnotic House track : love it.
Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre
great deep vibes,
will def play

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
stelle ich vor
finde ich okay