Thank you so much for your coming to our party!!

Hi everyone,

Last Friday 29th July was first time UNKNOWN season label party!

Thank you so much for your coming and support:)

 Tec(Check!!!) is checkin' machine!

Can't wait... let's dance!

Cherry(Check!!!) studies science?

I received a surprising celebration flowers from Ai-san, Shima-san and Enjoy company! Thank you very much. This is my  lifetime memory:-)

Through Tone playin' tech & funky stuff!! 

L to R: DJ Endo & Takashi Sasaki(CONVERGE+) playin' smooth deep tech trax!!

Let's get bussssy!!!

Check!!!(Cherry & Tec) ride on the rhythmic drum & acid bass!!
Ryoma Takemasa playin funky tech stuff!!

Gonno playin' slow disco trax!! he will be out next single from Inetrnational Feel!!

DJ Kent plain' smooth tech trax & disco! His remix of Ryoma Takemasa"Deepn'" out in August 21st!

Ai-san & Shima-san
Nakura-san a surprise coming! He is http://calentito.net label owner. Idjut Boys latest album out now.
L to R: Jun(Capricious), Gonno, DJ Endo(CONVERGE+), Chida(ene)

Dancer on the dance floor in mid-night!

I want to thank you so much for coming to our party.

See you at dance floor again!!

Here is latest news 31st July::::::::

Ryoma Takemasa"Deepn' Remix Pt.2 Gonno Remix" is 74th of "Top 100 seller HOUSE chart" at whatpeopleplay 31st July. 

Please check it out and buy it!!!!!

And we are looking forward to meeting on UNKNOWN season FACEBOOK.


Latest news 28th July

Hi everyone,

Yoshi Horino's exclusive chart on Wasabeat for tomorrow night 29 Friday!!

My favourite tracks of UNKNOWN season plus some deep tunes.

Please check it out!

We are looking forward to seeing at dance floor of club LOOP tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please bring ID with photo.

club LOOP's blog::::

Thanx to Hana-chan & Yuki!!


DJ WADA hooked up Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(Gonno Remix)" in his latest chart for Technique.

DJ WADA chart

Big thanks to DJ WADA!


Latest news 24th July

Hi everyone,

Hope you are well:-)

It's too hot in Tokyo everyday...take care about your body.

kokoz "Poco Muted(YOSA Remix)" released at beatport, Juno Download, Traxsource, Trackitdown, DjTUNES, Wasabeat and Dance Music Hub just 21st July.

Please check them out!

And buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ibiza Voice introduce UNKNOWN season on "Label page" of their website.

NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
29th July 10:00pm @ club LOOP

our party info on Wasabeat mail magazine.


Latest news 21st July

Hi everyone,

Today, summer tune of our label Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn' Remix Pt.1 Gonno Remix" out at whatpeopleplay exclusive!

One month faster release than other stores!!

Don't miss it and check it out :-))

Ryoma Takemasa

Press Release<<<<<

1.    Deepn' (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)”
There is always jazz funk, hip hop, disco and techno elements in his making deep house tracks. And dirty and beauty awesome sound parts collage and groove is there too.
This track is bad funky body music and dj friendly tune for weapon at peak time on dance floor.
2.    Deepn’ (Gonno Remix)
Japanese techno DJ Gonno changed the funky original groove track that it was dirty modern to the psychedelic and new funky groove of elegant oriental mad techno remix. And it can find the elements of many music in the tune.

Many feedbacks from DJs, editer and radio below <<<<<<

Laurent Garnier Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
Stunning mix by GONNO Superb

Jim Rivers Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
gonno remix is quality thanks

Osunlade Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
deepn is nice and bouncy..like it!!
the remix is a nice twist!

MKL Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
Love Deepn!!!!

Tomki Tamura(Tomoki & Nono/Holic UK)
Gonno remix is dooop

DJ Wada

Jun(Capricious Records)
骨太なグルーヴでグイグイ引っ張るファンク感あふれるオリジナルと スローでとことん深く突き進んでいくGONNOリミックス、両トラック抜群のクォリティーです!

DJ Nobu

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
Both mixes are great in their own way....

Magazine - Lodown // Forty Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
I really like Goono's Slo-Mo Disco version...

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk) Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
lovin' the rhythmic Takemacycle Default Sample Edit !

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain) Rating: 5/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)

Radio - Ibiza Sonica/ Carlos Mateo Villarreal Rating: 3/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
Deepn Sample Edit for me.

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
Takemacycle Default Sample Edit Nice Tool infested material...

Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece) Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
Great release. I like both tracks but a little bit more the
Takemacycle Default Sample Edit. Thank you very much

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N. Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)
Superb Deep House track with a nice remix.
Will play. SUPPORT !!!

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre Rating: 4/5
Favorite Track: Deepn (Gonno Remix)
great gonno rx

Hope you enjoy "Deepn' Remix Pt.1" this summer.

Thank you for your listening, support and buying!!


Latest news 18th July

Hi everyone,

In Tokyo, here is intense heat everyday.....

Hope you are fine!

Updated CONVERGE+ dj chart for June on new beatport.

Check this out!

Actually we are open UNKNOWN season web-site a few days ago!

You can get our latest news on www.unknown-season.com

Please add it into your favorite.


Do you know UNKNWON season page on Facebook?

We are waiting to join with you:-)

 Always thank you for your support.


Latest news 13rd July

Hi everyone,

We have three news today......


UNKNOWN season web-site opened today!

We'll update latest news on www.unknown-season.com
Please bookmark:-)


One of this summer tracks.

Japanese producer YOSA is one of the artists popularity in the world. He made huge deep house track for a big room!! He already got good feedback about this track by a YOSA live European tour in Feb 2011.

kokoz "Poco Muted(YOSA Remix)"

YOSA chart of May on RA, Ibiza Voice and Sweat Lodge.



You can admission 1500yen with the flyer of printing out.

>>>NOTE: You must be 20 over and bringing photo ID.

Hope you are coming:-))

See you at dance floor...


Latest news 9th July

Hi everyone,

We have two awesome big release this July to August at whatpeopleplay exclusive!!
(Faster than others stores)

Just it's started special pre-release at whatpeopleplay.
You can listen to the releases too faster than others:-)

Please chech it out soon.

And spin their TUNES for this summer!!!!!

DJ'S feedback that just arrived.....

Jun(Capricious Records)

DJ Wada

Gonno remix is dooop.
Tomki Tamura(Tomoki & Nono/Holic UK)

And Luciano and Stacey Pullen likes "Takemacycle Default Sample Edit"!!!!

To be continue.....

1. Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn' Remix Pt.1" Gonno Remix (incl. Original Mix)
Release 21th July at whatpeopleplay

1."Deepn'(Takemacycle Default Sample Edit)”
There is always jazz funk, hip hop, disco and techno elements in his making deep house tracks.And dirty and beauty awesome sound parts collage and groove is there too.
This track is bad funky body music and dj friendly tune for weapon at peak time on dance floor.

Japanese techno DJ Gonno changed the funky original groove track that it was dirty modern to the psychedelic and new funky groove of elegant oriental mad techno remix.
And it can find the elements of many music in the tune.

Gonno is without a doubt an integral part of the current wave of house and techno in Japan. His releases have not only appeared on reputable local labels but have also made their way humbly over to the continent.
Both his "Hammersmith EP" (Re-active Recordings) and acid house stormer "WC Succession EP" (Perc Trax) received extensive DJ support and Gonno has been proudly graced with the nod of approval from scene veterans/maestros/demi-gods Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier.
His 2008 12 inch EP "I Don't Need Competition", featuring a Donnacha Costello remix, was a hit on the review circuit (Groove, De:bug etc.) with one review going as far as proclaiming it "a new generation of Detroit Techno".
Gonno always manages to bring an acidy and melodic flavor to his DJ and live sets while still staying true to his house and techno roots. Without fail he draws clubbers in with eclectic sounds and the lost art of storytelling behind the decks/machines. As a result of his infectious sets he's played in Berlin every year since 2007 and has played at the likes of Bar25, Tape Club and Ritter Butzke.
In recent years Gonno has even turned his hand to game music production in the form of tracks for a little game called "Gran Turismo 5" while at the same time remaining productive on the club music front. Last year his 12 inch "MERKUR 3" (Merkur Schallplatten) delighted Japanese deep house DJs in spite of a very limited vinyl release.
Gonno's upcoming release, featuring the tantalizingly named track "ACDise #2", will drop in Autumn this year and is sure to raise the bar for his original melodic soundscapes in the future. 


2. Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn' Remix Pt.2" The Backwoods Remix
Release 21th August at whatpeopleplay

1. Deepn’(The Backwoods Remix)
The super mellow groovin’ remix that TheBackwoods aka DJ KENT of the FORCE OF NATURE renovated an original track's atmosphere. The most elegant modern BALEARIC Tune!! From RAVE party of the outdoor to the club of the indoor, it matches the sunrise time for all situation. This will be already classics tuneJ

DJ KENT a.k.a. The Backwoods(FORCE OF NATURE):
DJ Kent is DJ/producers of Force of Nature (KZA&DJ KENT)  who are presently pioneering new techniques and concept of break beat. he is creating music using his huge collection of vinyl based on his background experience as hip-hop artists. 
remix/produce for big artists in and outside of Japan,such as Ayumi Hamasaki,DJ Shadow,Five Deez,Brennan Green,D.C.P.R.G., HALCALI, Sly Mongoose, You the Rock,and Keiichi Sokabe.They collaborated as a DJ with many top DJ's who lead the dance music scene, such as DJ Carl Craig,Shadow, Recloose,Jay Dee, Slow Supreme, Rub n Tag, James Murphy,Andreas, Ayro, Prince thomas and Lindstorom,and etc. his original selections of music and a dramatic development held the audience spellbound at every night, and he climbed all the way up into the top of DJ's in Tokyo. Besides three original albums as Force of Nature, he has released a 12 inch single, "In the Bush", on Bear Entertainment (UK), and formed a unit called "Garalude" with musicians like Hiroshi Kawanabe and Noriyoshi Sasanuma. Both of men are attracting much attention. 
He also produced music as Force of Nature with Nujabes, fat jon ,Tutchie and Afra for "Samurai Champloo," which is a Japanese animation directed by Shinichiro Watanabe who is known as a directer of "Cowboy Bebop" and "Animatrix." in this year 2010, He released "The Backwoods" album. The Backwoods is DJ KENT's new solo project. the songs from album are played by Francious.K, Eric.D, TBD and more DJs... He does a Japanese tour that extends it to 15 places. and Having finished a European tour to the success in November 2010.

Ryoma will drop new 4 tracks EP "Just A Sizzing Groove Chop Part.1" in September from UNKNOWN season!!

We listen to the awesome YABAI tracks already.

Can't wait the release:-)

Ryoma Takemasa(Apostrophe) :
Ryoma Takemasa is Tokyo based producer/DJ. He spent his childhood in United States and absorbed different types of music. Especially he was influenced in hip hop. Magic of Sampling. After he came back to Japan he started his career as a hip hop dj but techno and house influenced him a lot. In 2005, he started produce own music and start label -Apostrophe- in 2007. He released first analog ep “The Overhousen Manifesto” in 2009 .

<Past Release>
“Koroon” [Stimulas Records] 2007
“The Overhousen Manifesto EP”[Apostrophe] 2009

Thanks this blog readers.

And always thanks for your support!
I'll update lates news soon again.


Latest news 7th July

Hi everyone,

New YOSA Remix is coming soon at whatpeopleplay!!

13 July out!!!!!!!!!!!


UNKNONW season summer party 2011 is coming soon:-)

29th July at club LOOP

Check the detail on RA, iFlyer, Clubberia or Higher Frequency .

And join UNKNOWN season on Facebook!!