Latest news 27th April

Hi everyone,

Dazzle Drums put latest DJ chart on Whatpeopleplay!!

Please check it out:)


Dazzle Drums latest DJ chart April 2012 for Whatpeopleplay

Werner Niedermeier latest DJ chart #6 Beatblocks "Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)" at Whatpeopleplay!!

Thanks for your BIG support Werner!!

Dazzle Drums Exclusive 1h DJ mix Show on "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio www.westradio.gr 27 Friday night April(in Japan 6:00AM Saturday morning)!!

Don't miss it:)) 

28(Sat) "The Saturday" at Zu Bar, Ebisu

See you soon!!!!!

For more info:


Latest news 22nd April

Hi everyone,

We have many news today:)

Beatblocks "Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)" USDC-0016

Many feedabcks from worldwide:

Dirt Crew
this is fantastic!

Been playing the original of this a lot and loving it. the remix does a nice job bringing a slightly more energetic vibe whilst keeping the soul of the track in place. will be trying it out for sure. nice one.

Lars Behrenroth
it rolls the way I'm used to it from Dazzle Drums tunes! A lot of life in this one

Luke Solomon
really great record

will download.
thank you for good music!

i will try it out !

Werner Niedermeier
Very nice addition to the original. Interesting build up.

Anthony Nicholson
hot track....

DjL (Vialocal Recording)
Nice RMX!!!

Master Kev
Nice remix!!!

Magazine - Posivision mag
Sounds cool!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
coool track

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
playlist and support in altroverso radio

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
love the energy on this track!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)
interesting ep..!!

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)
great track...

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
NIce track...

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)
Full support from Paris-One Deeper

Radio - pulseradio.net // Australia
Very Nice!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Nice Hypnotic House track : love it.
Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre
great deep vibes,
will def play

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
stelle ich vor
finde ich okay

Also Danny Krivt played Dazzle Drums Remix at 718 Session NYC 15 April!!

read more his playlist....

Dazzle Drums(Nagi & Kei)

They release own productions from King Stereet/Night Grooves, Soundmen On Wax and some US lable. 

You can listen to their tracks on www.dazzlrdrums.com

And if you want to read more about them on http://common.dazzledrums.com (Japanese only)

Next weekend 27 Friday April(Japan time is 28 Saturday morning),

Special guest: Dazzle Drums EXCLUSIVE DJ mix on "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio www.westradio.gr

"UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio www.westradio.gr

Last Friday of every month
Athens | 0:00~1:00
London | 21:00~22:00
Tokyo |  6:00~7:00(Saturday morning)

 Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New comiplations are including our stuff just out at Beatport etc....

V.A. Elfenstaub, Vol. 2 - DeepElectronic Journey Through Time & Space 

Including: Beatblocks "Waterfall"

Compilation details:

Cat#: citycomp022

Label: City Life

Release: 20.04.2012

1-1             nikosf. - Welcome in This World, Emily!
1-2             Markus Guentner - Carrier
1-3             Silicone Soul - Fading
1-4             Dousk - Gigi (Stel remix)
1-5             Hiroshi Watanabe - Sublime Scenery
1-6             Cortiz - Plan B
1-7             Thomas Grey & Leo - Souvenir
1-8             Ivan Picazo & Robert X - Oddity
1-9             Deep Spelle - My Heart
1-10            Anton Lanski - Catch the Fish
1-11            Ejeca - Valleys
1-12            Josh - Between Whiles
1-13            Scsi 9 - Little Pony
1-14            Moscow Grooves Institute - Chanson (Olej Deep Remix)
1-15            Gastek - Liquideep
1-16            Mauro Basso - Drone (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
1-17            Syrinx - Horizon
1-18            Ion - May Nothing But Laughter
1-19            Beatblocks- Waterfall
1-20            Ron Paul - Into the Cave
1-21            Malbetrieb - Questionnaire
1-22            Higinio - The Message
1-23            Gareth Bilaney - B Side
1-24            Highland Brothers Inc. - This One's a Keeper
1-25            Ben Dean - Blueshift

V.A. Deep Movement, Vol. 4

Including: Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(Gonno Remix)"

Compilation details:

Cat#: wasabicomp070

Label: Wasabi Recordings

Release: 20.04.2012


1-1             Thomilla & Santé - Got You
1-2             Deep Course - Alive (First Dub)
1-3             Artie Flexs - Feel It
1-4             Enea DJ - Once a Day
1-5             Crane - GDH (Sydney & Angel Rize Remix)
1-6             Roland Nights - Yellow (Murat Kilic Remix)
1-7             Glenn Fiasco - Get On Down
1-8             Triad - Vice
1-9             YSE - Not Wot You Got (Da Sunlounge Late Nite Dub)
1-10            Monsters - Creamy
1-11            Crystal Vinyl & Philile - Ndzivhulavhula (DJ Harris Remix)
1-12            Lifeguard - Quick Sand
1-13            Peckos - Why Should I Cry (Vernon & DaCosta Remix)
1-14            Optional Feast - Solaria
1-15            Amir - Monkey Puzzle
1-16            James Vibe - Angels and Demons
1-17            Giom & Joshua Heath - Techno Idiots
1-18            RyomaTakemasa - Deepn (Gonno Remix)
1-19            Panagiotis Gois - I Won't Always Do (Dekky's Deeper Dub Mix)
1-20            Martin Smith - Liver Dead

At last......

We have party in 28 April Golden week!!!

Let's party:))

"The Saturday Special" Guest DJ: Takamori K.(E-NAUT) at Zu Bar Ebisu,Tokyo www.zubar.jp/

Takamori K.(E-NAUT)

Music: Yoshi Horino(owner of UNKNOWN season) & Takamori K.(E-NAUT) 
No charge
2-24-1 Higashi Shibuya Tokyo

For more info:

Don't miss it!!

See you soon at Zu Bar:)


Latest news 19th April

Hi everyone,

Arrived some latest news....

We'll be out Beatblocks "Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)" 21 April at Whatpeopleplay exclusive!!

The original tarck supported by Joris Voorn, Jimpster, Guy J, Secret Cinema, Werner Nidermaier....prduced by Jun Kitamura & Isao Kumano(a member of Tokyo Balck Star/Innnervisions).

Dazzle Drums are one of Japanese deep house producer.

They release from King Street, Soundmen On Wax and some US label.

And also always supported from Danny Krivit, Joe Claussell.and many NY DJs.


The remix got amazing feedabacks from world wide already:)

Please see Whatpeopleplay review page.

And Danny Krivit played it at himself party 718 Session in NYC.

More see his playlist

And please check out the new Destination Magazine !!

We love DM:)

Out now Beatport EXCLUSIVE!!

Compilation details:
Cat#: gspcomp131
Label: Gastspiel Records
Release: 18.04.2012

1-2             Brian Benson & Michael Gull - India People
1-3             DJ Chus vs. Niki B. & Christian E.F.F.E. - Hossa (Sergio Fernandez Mix)
1-4             Beatamines & Compact Grey - El Fantastico (Tholli Remix)
1-5             Jon Donson - Love Affair
1-6             Mastra & Jon Donson - Out of Pulpo
1-7             DJ Synchro - The Spirit (Club Mix)
1-8             Dawson - Holly
1-9             Christopher Lawson - Control You (Marco Maniera 3000 Remix)
1-10            Madutec - Barò
1-11            K-Drive & Ginman - Goodshidze
1-12            Marc Miroir - Black Amber
1-13            Pizeta - Rapsodia (Mono & Tox Remix)
1-14            Debirski - Canaveral (Kevin Over Remix)
1-15            Laera & Joe Impero - Jingle Bells (Laera Club Mix)
1-16            Drumcomplex & Pascal Dior - Crazy Bell (Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago Remix)
1-17            Raszia - Glass Street
1-18            Helmut Dubnitzky - Breath
1-19            Ricardo Hansen - Fix This
1-20            Coqui Selection - Jazz Hustle
1-21            Kenny Ground - Balia (Hollen Remix)
1-22            Edy Valiant & Danny Better - Get Money (Mr. Norberto Remix)
1-23            Witte & Raum - Black Moon White Sun
1-24            Greenlips - Dance for Me
1-25            DDei&Estate - Sakura
1-26            Paul Sparkes & Farshad Kay - Feet R Rocking

See you soon again:))


Latest news 9th April

Hi everyone,

This is new release info:

EXCLUSIVE OUT NOW V.A. "Deep in House Vol.10"at Beatport!!


Including: Ryoma Takemasa "Cash, Money and Hoes(Ma ' Money in Ya Right)" 

Compilation details:

Cat#: gspcomp132

Label: Gastspiel Records

Release: 06.04.2012


1-1             Antonio Andali - A & A

1-2             Jack Barton - A-Fair

1-3             Cool Jaques - About Us

1-4             Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti - Abstraction (Pezzner Remix)

1-5             The Cruzaders - Abundant & Beautiful (Greg Puppa Remix)

1-6             Andi Vasilos - Call It Deep

1-7             Femdom - Accary Est

1-8             Deep-Maker - Across the Universe

1-9             Christian Hornbostel - Activated (Tribetronic Mix)

1-10            Markus Homm - Back Door

1-11            Jesus Gonsev - Acupuncture

1-12            Marco Van Erpen - Addicted to Soulful Music

1-13            Christian Weiland - Back 2 The Roots (NY Underground Dub)

1-14            Michael Imhof - Back Home

1-15            Chris Lattner - Backflip Shuffle

1-16            Björn Wilke - Backinthedays (Bombilla vs. Sascha Sonido Remix)

1-17            Sergio Parrado - Bad Day (Gow Remix)

1-18            Monokeen - Baladi

1-19            Modul - Balance

1-20            Francesco de Argentis - Bamboo

1-21            Acid Andee - Callao

1-22            Gavril's - Can Help Me

1-23            Monkeys Bootique - Canadian Boards

1-24            Markus Gonzales - Carneval (Roland P Remix)

1-25            FIMO - Casa da musica

1-26            Ryoma Takemasa - Cash, Money and Hoes - Ma' Money in Ya Right

1-27            Maxâge - Casilda (Casilda Amir Remix)

Please check it out!!

And follow us:)