New release is late....

Hi everyone,

New release Cherry "Black Sea(YOSA Remix)"(USDC-0003) & Trouble Water "That Night / Unlimited Rockers"(USDC-0004) is late on beatport......sorry.
We don't understand the reason yet.
But I'll confirm the reason soon.
Could you please understand this situation.
I'll let you know soon.


Through Tone is djing at DOMMUNE in 22 Feb!!

Hi everyone,

Through Tone is djing at  DOMMUNE in 22 Feb!!

If you want to check live directly, apply 

His last release "You have no choice" on UNKNOWN season.

His new release is TROUBLE WATER "That Night / Unlimited Rockers" (USDC-0004).

Also he is member of TROUBLE WATER.

Out in 21 Feb on beatport exclussive!!

Don't miss it!!

YOSA (Compost Records/Drumpoet Community) is at EU now!

YOSA Europe DJTour
Feb 18 Bobbeaman, Munich
Feb 19 Zunkunft, Zurich
Feb 25 The T Room Sessions, Berlin
Feb 25 Barbarella, Berlin
Feb 26 Rockmarket, Frankfurt
for more info http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/yosa

YOSA's latest release "Black Sea(YOSA Remix)" by Cherry out in 22 Feb on beatport!!

Japanese Producer
He started music production under the influence of Rock,Electro,Jazz, Ambien music in 2007. His debut tracks“The Alex EP was release by FOUR:TWENTY(UK) in 2009. It is entered the chart in Beatport “Tech House” TOP 10. And his 2nd single “The World Waite EP” including NICK CURLY(8bit/Cecil Records) and ADA(Areal Records/Kompakt) remix was released by FOUR:TWENTY in 2010. His originality tracks is supported by NICK WARREN, MATTHIAS, VOGT PATRICE BAUMEL,
MICHEL DE HEY, TIMO MAAS, GLIMPSE and many djs of the world.


Latest news 11th Feb 2011

Hi everyone,

Masashi Ikeda "Eleven EP" is out on Juno Download today.

Eleven EP by Masashi Ikeda on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

Also out on Amazon & iTunes store soon.

Please check it out!

The music web-site "FMusic" introduces interesting music in the world.

They introduce Masashi Ikeda!!

Always thanks for your supporting FMusic!!

Deep Dope Disco Dance Dubstep & Balearic



New Release Masashi Ikeda "Eleven EP"

Hi everyone,

New Masashi Ikeada "Eleven EP"(USDC-0002) release on beatport today.

"Eleven EP"(USDC-0002)

Masashi Ikeda


Please check it out!!

DJ Cosmo is spinning on her radio show "Cosmodelica issue 38 " of "NU DISCO" program on Ministory Of Sound Radio already.

"Kickless version" is exclussive track for "Eleven EP".

It's fantastic, psychedelic and hypnosis.

You can listen to the full length tracks in here http://snd.sc/i576Og

Masashi Ikeda Biography:
(ZA Records)
Japanese DJ/Producer
He passes through 10 year DJ , a making music and farming in Hokkaido. And he works as a lot of music for a ski and snowboarding movie.

Our next release is on beatport in 21st Feb.

Cherry "Black Sea(YOSA Remix)" USDC-0003

Trouble Water "That Night / Unlmited Rockers" USDC-0004


Interview on air on JJazz.net

Hi everyone,

The broadcast of the interview(Japanese) started on JJazz.net from 2nd Feb to 2nd March.

Anyone can listen to the program "Pick up" free.

And you have to do easy register for enjoying it. 

Here is the link:

And if you are living in westside Tokyo, you can listen to it on community FM of Chohu FM, Musashino FM and FM Nishi-Tokyo.

"every Tuesday at 10:30 on Chofu FM and Musashino FM"
"every Wendsady at 11:30 on FM Nisi-Tokyo" 

Please check this out:-)

Thank you.


Latest news 2nd Feb 2011

Hi everyone,

"UNKNOWN season kicking off label campaign" was over and regained presence of mind:-)

Chief editor Suzuki-san of honeyee.com introduced about our campaign on his own blog in 31th Jan.

Here is the blog

Suzuki-san, always thank you so much!!

"honeyee.com" is one of my favourite web-site.

And also YOSA is edit staff of honeyee.com.

Coming soon!!

Artist: Cherry
Title: “Black Sea(YOSA Remix)”
Cat.no.: USDC-0003
Release: 21st FEB 2011 on beatport exclussive!!