Latest news 28th September

Hi everyone,

Good news arrived again:)

Today 27th Sep, Ryoma Takemasa"Just A Sizzling Groove Chop Pt.1" is no. 24 of Topseller Whatpeopleplay HOUSE Top100!!!!

Topseller Whatpeopleplay HOUSE Top100

Thank you for your BIG support!!

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And finally we kick off "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio(Greece) in this Friday!!

Tokyo - Greece - world wide

30th September Debut (Japan time 1st October 7:00AM)

Ryoma Takemasa is spining.

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!


Latest news 26th September

Hi everyone,

Good news arrived:)

We released Ryoma Takemasa's new single "Just A Sizzling Groove Chop Pt.1" 21st September at Whatpeopleplay exclusive.

It was no.35 of Topseller Whatpeopleplay top100(all) and no.28 of Top seller Whatpeopleplay house top100 in 25th September yesterday!!

no.28 of Top seller Whatpeopleplay house top100(25/Sep/2011)

no.35 of Topseller Whatpeopleplay top100(all)(25/Sep/2011)

They were 4 days from the release date.

Thank you for your BIG support!!!

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Latest news 23rd September

Hi everyone,

DJ Kent(FORCE OF NATURE) aka The Backwoods updated latest DJ chart for Juno Download 22nd September!!

Check this chart out!!!!
DJ KENT DJ chart September for Juno Download


Whatpeopleplay chose Ryoma Takemasa "Just A House Track" for Sweatlodge Radio weekly select ion on Sweatlodge.

 Ryoma Takemasa "Just A Sizzling Cop Pt.1"

Sweatlodge Radio

Every Thursday at 22:00 and Monday at 12:00.

Listen to the radio show and check their chart!!

Sweatlodge Radio weekly select ion


We'll kick off 1 hour official radio program at West Rsdio(Greece) 30th September debut!!!!

"UNKNOWN season Radio Show"  3o September

featuring Ryoma Takemasa.

Last Friday of every month:

  • 22:00-23:00 London
  • 00:00-01:00 Athens
  • 07:00-08:00 Tokyo

  • Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Latest news 22th September

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, we were out new Ryoma Takemasa' EP in 21st September at Whatpeopleplay exclusive!!!

    His last release "Deepn'" made a smash hit at Whatpeopleplay.

    All tracks is a heavy, bouncy & funky house like a Chicago deep house this time.

    Hope you enjoy & use it! 

    Much fantastic feedbacks already arrived:))

    Please see below.

    And Ryoma upda latest DJ chart at Whatpeopleplay.

    Chech this out!!

    Ryoma Takemasa

    Ryoma updated latest DJ cahrt for Whatpeopleplay


    Brothers Vibe
    Mini House Groove #4

    Favorite Track: Just A House Track (Original Mix)
    full support

    Chris Duckenfield(SWAG)
    Solid sample house vibe on 'Just A House Track' Nice !

    Jim Rivers
    nice ep this! mini house groove is my fave

    Laurent Garnier
    Like this groove a lot -- will play

    Mike Monday
    Nice n groovy, I like it!

    cool warm up joints


    Cash,Money And Hoes is nice.

    Tim Green
    liking the sound of Cash,Money And Hoes (Ma Money In Ya Right). Will try it out thanks.

    Werner Niedermeier
    Nice EP! Love The Mini House House Groove. Yoshi's label is growing steadily. Full support

    Magazine - DE:BUG
    review to follow

    Magazine - Tsugi Mag
    nice one

    Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

    Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)
    whole pack is really fantastic. big support

    Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffnersome Nice Tech ee tracky stuff here. well done

    Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece)
    The whole ep is really great. Mini house groove is my best of it.

    Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
    Another nice release. Always quality sound & productions. Great Stuff by Ryoma. I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!

    Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
    stelle ich vor

    Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)
    great deep house record.

    SMASH HIT single Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn' Remix Pt.2 The Backwoods Remix" is out at all stores yesterday!!

    You can buy it at Whatpeopleplay, Beatport, Juno Download, Traxsource, Trackitdown, DJTUNES, Dance Music Hub, DJ Download, djshop


    Latest news 14th September

    Hi everyone,

    Actually, we postpone new special campaign by some situation...so sorry.

    But we'll do it in near future again!

    So please wait and keep on checking out the info at here.

    Thank you for your BIG support.

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    Latest news 10th September

    Hi everyone,

    We'll be out Ryoma Takamasa's latest tracks in 21st September at Whatpeopleplay exclusive!!

    Check his tracks at UNKNOWN season web-site or soundcloud.

    His latest release "Deepn'"original, Gonno Remix & The Backwoods Remix were SMASH HIT at Whatpeoplay!!

    Many DJs, magazines, web-sites and radio station keeps on supporting them already.

    We want to say "Thank you for your big support again again again..."


    V.A. "Japanese Electronic Music" out now at Beatport exclusive!!!

    Includes  Trouble Water "Unlimited Rockers", Masashi Ikeda "Eleven(Kickless Version) and Cherry "Black Sea(YOSA Remix)"

    And plus 2 big news more:

    We plan a new special campaign in 21st September on UNKNOWN season web-site!!

    We'll be out the detail info soon at here.

    We'll kick off "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio of Athens Greece.

    Westradio.gr Proudly presents "UNKNOWN SEASON radio show"

    COMING SOON.......

    Last Friday of every month:
    22:00 London  
    00:00 Athens 
    13:00 Tokyo.

    Also we'll be out the datail soon....

    Don't miss it!!



    Latest news 1st September

    Hi everyone,

    Adds latest WPP chart news!

    Yesterday, No.19!! Topseller Whatpeopleplay Top 100(All Track) Ryoma Takemasa"Deepn'(The Backwoods Remix)" .

    I want to say Thank you for your BIG support again!!

    And please keep on supporting it:-)

    Out now Japanese artist only compi!!

    Nice concept and tracks.

    including: Masashi Ikeda, Cherry and Trouble Water tracks.

    Please check this out!

    Label: Tretmuehle
    Cat#: tretcomp072


    1-1 Shusi Khijada - Tronicajazz

    1-2 Jun Yamabe & Enitokwa - Expanding

    1-3 Kito Neki - Schnee

    1-4 Death On The Balcony - All That Jazz

    1-5 Temma Teje - Run (S.A.L Suzuki & Sayakastar Remix)

    1-6 Sasaki Hiroaki - Easter

    1-7 Masashi Ikeda - Eleven (Kickless Version)

    1-8 Cherry(Teru Kurihara) - Black Sea (YOSA Remix)

    1-9 The Sushi Club - Myriad (Makoto Remix)

    1-10 Ken Hayakawa - Way Of Life (Original Mix)

    1-11 Satoshi Fumi - Space Tricker

    1-12 Akiko Kiyama - Cutting Tears (Humantronic Remix)

    1-13 Osamu M & Satoshi Fumi - Liberation

    1-14 Kito Neki - Munterkeit

    1-15 Thopa - No Planes Just Trains

    1-16 Takaaki Tsuchiya & Loud One - Intersection

    1-17 KPI - Sunshine (Temma Teje Remix)

    1-18 Dublee - Sanctuary

    1-19 Trouble Water - That Night

    1-20 Naoki Kenji - Waved

    1-21 Yuuki Hori - Eclipse

    1-22 Haruyuki Yokoyama - Marquee (Remute Remix)

    1-23 Takayuki Higo - Eleven

    1-24 Little Nobody - Poiseworks (Shin Nishimura Remix)

    1-25 Hiroshi Watanabe - A New Place For Your Heart (Echonomist Remix)