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Hi everyone,

UNKNOWN season 2nd anniversary is coming 24th December 2012!!

DJ Masanori Ikeda & Sekitova 2 DJs special mix for free download campaign from 24th Dec to 31st Jan 2013 on UNKNOWN season website www.unknown-season.com .

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



TYO magazine


Masanori Ikeda


We'll be out V.A. DESTINETION MAGAZINE meets UNKNOWN season "A Day Of Rain -UNKNOWN perspective - " compilation 21st December at Whatpeopleplay EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

“A Day Of Rain -UNKNOWN perspective-”(USDC-0024)

Including EXCLUSIVE tracks:
Hiroshi Watanabe ”A Day Of Rain”,  9dw “Right On(Takemacycle Sloppy
Dub)”,  Kokoz “Ohm(Kenichiro Nishihara Remix)”

Title: “A Day Of Rain -UNKNOWN perspective-”
Cat.no.: USDC-0024
Release: 21st Decemver 2012
Fomat: Digital

Track Listing:
1. Through Tone “You Have No Choice”
2. 9dw “Right On (Takemacycle Sloppy Drums Dub)”
3. Beatblocks “Dice”
4. Cherry “Fragile (The Saturday Dawn Edit)” ----Interlude 1
5. Converge+ “Oblaat”
6. Beatblocks “Waterfall (Dazzle Drums Remix)”
7. Hiroshi Watanabe “A Day Of Rain”
8. Cherry “Fragile (The Saturday Dawn Edit)” ----Interlude 2
9. kokoz “Poco Muted (YOSA Remix)”
10. Ryoma Takemasa “Mini House Groove#4”
11. kokoz “Ohm”
12. kokoz “Ohm(Kenichiro Nishihara Remix)”


"A Day Of Rain" was out July 2012 in Japan only.
Japanese music magazine DESTINATION MAGAZINE selected 12 tracks including
exclusive unrelease new tracks Hiroshi Watanabe, 9dw, Kenichiro Nishihara's
remix  for this compi CD from UNKNOWN season archives &. All tracks are
Japanese producers only.Hope you enjoy their sounds from sun rising island.

>>>>>FEEDBACKS from worldwide DJs<<<<<

I must say I really like kokoz "ohm". Great music.
Alton Miller (Detroit)

Beatblocks“Dice” super crazy
DJ Sneak

Beatblocks “Dice” 5* , loving it , full support , thnx good luck
Guy J

Beautiful release, my favorite is Through Tone "You have no choice" , thnx best of luck

Guy J

"Right On(Takemacycle Sloopy Drums Dub)" very nice selection!
Lars Behrenroth

Beatblocks “Dice” I like “Dice”
Juan Atkins

Beatblocks "Dice" Beautiful Jams!


Beatblocks “Dice”Great tune. Support for Yoshi's label
Nice compilation. Great tracks and vibe. will surely try some out!!

Werner Biedermeier

Favorite track: Hiroshi Watanabe "A Day Of Rain"
Good album with some great moments
Mr. G

“Mini House Groove #4” Like this groove a lot -- will play
Laurent Garnier

“Mini House Groove #4” cool warm up joints

“Mini House Groove #4” full support

"Mini house groove" is my fave
Jim Rivers

Love The "Mini House House Groove". Yoshi's label is growing steadily. Full support!
Werner Niedermeier

Brothers Vibe

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)” This is fatasic!
Dirt Crew

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)”  it rolls the way I'm used to it
from Dazzle Drums tunes! A lot of life in this one
Lars Behrenroth

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)”
Been playing the original of this a lot and loving it.
the remix does a nice job bringing a slightly more energetic vibe whilst
keeping the soul of the track in place.will be trying it out for sure. 

nice one.

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)”  i will try it out !

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)” really great record
Luke Solomon

Beatblocks“Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)”  Very nice addition to the original. Interesting build up.
Werner Niedermeier

This Saturday......

22nd December @ Zubar Ebisu

X'mas & Bonenkai ;)

10:00PM to 5:00AM

No charge

Music: Yoshi Horino, Ryoma Takemasa & Kyoko Kamichika

HDM selected Ryoma Takemasa "Catalyst" on BEST OF HD Selection 2012!!

BIG THANX to Inoue-san & Okada-san :)

Ryoma Takemasa "Catalyst" disc review on Floor.Net magazine #166 issue

Thanks to Sato chief editor & Sugiyama-kun

New compi V.A. "PRINCIPLES OF DEEP HOUSE, VOL. 3" exclusive out today at Beatport.

Including Beatblocks "Waterfall(Dazzle Drums Remix)" !!

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