Thank you so much for your coming to our party!!

Hi everyone,

Last Friday 29th July was first time UNKNOWN season label party!

Thank you so much for your coming and support:)

 Tec(Check!!!) is checkin' machine!

Can't wait... let's dance!

Cherry(Check!!!) studies science?

I received a surprising celebration flowers from Ai-san, Shima-san and Enjoy company! Thank you very much. This is my  lifetime memory:-)

Through Tone playin' tech & funky stuff!! 

L to R: DJ Endo & Takashi Sasaki(CONVERGE+) playin' smooth deep tech trax!!

Let's get bussssy!!!

Check!!!(Cherry & Tec) ride on the rhythmic drum & acid bass!!
Ryoma Takemasa playin funky tech stuff!!

Gonno playin' slow disco trax!! he will be out next single from Inetrnational Feel!!

DJ Kent plain' smooth tech trax & disco! His remix of Ryoma Takemasa"Deepn'" out in August 21st!

Ai-san & Shima-san
Nakura-san a surprise coming! He is http://calentito.net label owner. Idjut Boys latest album out now.
L to R: Jun(Capricious), Gonno, DJ Endo(CONVERGE+), Chida(ene)

Dancer on the dance floor in mid-night!

I want to thank you so much for coming to our party.

See you at dance floor again!!

Here is latest news 31st July::::::::

Ryoma Takemasa"Deepn' Remix Pt.2 Gonno Remix" is 74th of "Top 100 seller HOUSE chart" at whatpeopleplay 31st July. 

Please check it out and buy it!!!!!

And we are looking forward to meeting on UNKNOWN season FACEBOOK.

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