New publicity in DESTINATION MAGAZINE 009 and important news about new release

Hi everyone,

Did you check new DESTINATION MAGAZINE issue 009 ?
It was released a few days ago in Japan.

DESTINATION MAGAZINE is one of the magazines very valuable in Japan.
They introduce, hook up and support world dance music.
All contents of the book are transcribed in English and Japanese 2 languages.
And FREE!!

New 009 is including  the interview of Gilles Peterson, Link Wood, Eddie C, Jimpster...
And you can find our publicity in the book:-)

Please you look for town and get DESTINATION MAGAZINE!!
They have a lot of love for music.
If you can't find it, ask them directly.

>>>>Important news:

There was a problem in audio file of beatport.
Masashi Ikeda "Eleven EP"(USDC-0002) release is late.
Unfortunately I knew this news last night......:-(
New release date is 7th Feb.
Sorry for everyone and Masashi Ikeda.

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