Good news from UK

Hi everyone,

Good news from UK yesterday.

We'll be out two brand new single in 21st Feb on beatport.

The one of two is new artist Trouble Water.

Actually the Trouble Water is electronic unit of Through Tone and me.

We'll upload the Trouble Water's tracks on Soundcloud in next week.
Please wait a few days for listening to it.

It was a good news  from UK yesterday.

My friend legendry DJ Cosmo is spinning Trouble Water "That night" on "Cosmodelica issue 38" of Monisyry Of Sound radio show.

And you can listen to the radio show Cosmodelica 38 of Samrai FM too.

Also you can find Trouble Water in her tracklisting number 10th.

I like her spinning old and new stuff like a cosmic, psychedelic and balearic style very well.

She has own label Bitches Brew  and DJ duo with Ashleey Beedle as Dark Star.

Last year the DJ duo Dark Star came to Japan.

They used to Torens turntable and Koetsu  (光悦)cartridge for spinning vinyl at eleven(ex Yellow).

You can do great experience in high-resolution sound from their system:-)

She was spinning the Temptations "Get ready" live version on the turntable then.
Wow Smoking Robinson's voice and rhythm blow and hit inside my body! I felt it.
I want to do it again in Tokyo.

Last, I want to say to her always thank you for big supporting Cosmo!!

Big up!!

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