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Hi everyone,

DJ Cosmo played Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(The Backwoods Remix)" at her own radio program "Cosmodelica" of "Nu Disco" on Ministry Of Sound Radio.

Everybody check it out!!

BIG thanks Colleen-san:))


Cosmodelica: The Past, Present and Future of Cosmic, Psychedelic and Balearic Music presented by DJ Cosmo.

Cosmodelica 46

Cosmic Slop:

Manu Dibango – “Soul Makossa”

Kingdom Afrorocks ft. Tony Allen – “Anti Violence“ (Planet Groove)

Afrikanz on Mars – “Test” (Out Here Audio)


Ryoma Takemasa – “Deepn’” [The Backwoods Remix] (UNKNOWN season)

Ronny & Renzo – “Heartbreak Theme” [Carl Craig Remix] (Rekid)

Planningtorock – “Living it Out” [Cosmodelica Remix] (DFA)

The Globe – “Adventure Party” (International Feel)

Jkriv & Lou Teti – “Elisco” [Leftside Wobble Version] (Deep Disco)

Psyche Out:

Coyote “Minamoto” (Is It Balearic)

Traffic - "Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory" (Island)

Sweet Smoke - "Silly Sally" (EMI Columbia)

Free Energy:

Spike – “Magic Table” [Welcome Stranger’s Sunday Dub] (Golf Channel Recordings)

Tokyo Black Star – “Sottomarino” (Reincarnation)

Holger Czukay – “Persian Love Remix” (Claremont 56)

My Panda Shall Fly – “Kaiowa” (Unsigned)

Vangelis – “Let It Happen” [Chida Remix] (CDR) 

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