Latest news 10th September

Hi everyone,

We'll be out Ryoma Takamasa's latest tracks in 21st September at Whatpeopleplay exclusive!!

Check his tracks at UNKNOWN season web-site or soundcloud.

His latest release "Deepn'"original, Gonno Remix & The Backwoods Remix were SMASH HIT at Whatpeoplay!!

Many DJs, magazines, web-sites and radio station keeps on supporting them already.

We want to say "Thank you for your big support again again again..."


V.A. "Japanese Electronic Music" out now at Beatport exclusive!!!

Includes  Trouble Water "Unlimited Rockers", Masashi Ikeda "Eleven(Kickless Version) and Cherry "Black Sea(YOSA Remix)"

And plus 2 big news more:

We plan a new special campaign in 21st September on UNKNOWN season web-site!!

We'll be out the detail info soon at here.

We'll kick off "UNKNOWN season Radio Show" at West Radio of Athens Greece.

Westradio.gr Proudly presents "UNKNOWN SEASON radio show"


Last Friday of every month:
22:00 London  
00:00 Athens 
13:00 Tokyo.

Also we'll be out the datail soon....

Don't miss it!!

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