Latest news 13rd August

Hi everyone,

We'll be out latest single Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'(The Backwoods Remix)" at Whatpeopleplat exclusive in 21st August!!

The Backwoods is DJ KENT(member of FORCE OF NATURE) did dorp a wicked "SUMMER ANTHEM 2011" of UNKNOWN season.

We received many feedbacks from world wide Top Djs, radio station and magazines.

We'll update the feedbacks on this blog in release date 21st August.

Don't miss it!!


The super mellow groovin’ remix that The Backwoods aka DJ KENT of the FORCE OF NATURE renovated an original track's atmosphere.

The most elegant modern BALEARIC Tune!!

From RAVE party of the outdoor to the club of the indoor, it matches the sunrise time for all situation.

Hope you enjoy it.

This will be already classics tuneJ

Actually "Deepn'(Gonno Remix)" is "SMASH HIT" already at WPP(HOUSE TOPSELLER NO.57 in 1st August).

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Thank you always:))

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